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Houttuynia Cordata

Tone-up Cream 요약정보 및 구매

Innovative anti-aging tone-up cream enriched with the remarkable benefits of Houttuynia Cordata.


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판매가격 ₩26,000
최소구매수량 1 개
more even
Reveal a more youthful, radiant, and even-toned complexion as you embrace the journey of graceful aging with our Houttuynia Cordata anti-aging tone-up cream.

Anti-Aging and
Tone-Up Benefits

Introducing our innovative anti-aging tone-up cream enriched with the remarkable benefits of Houttuynia Cordata. This advanced formula is designed to target signs of aging while providing a brightening and even-toned complexion.

Our tone-up cream combines the anti-aging properties of Houttuynia Cordata with tone-up effects, offering a dual action formula that helps diminish signs of aging while providing a brighter, more even complexion.

A must-have item
for your busy life

Experience the transformative power of Houttuynia Cordata with our exceptional anti-aging tone-up cream.

The tone-up aspect of our cream helps to instantly brighten the skin, giving it a natural, radiant glow. Over time, the brightening properties of Houttuynia Cordata work to fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration, revealing a more even-toned complexion.


Offering a smooth canvas for foundation application. It helps to even out skin tone and provides a brightening effect, enhancing the overall appearance of makeup.

moisturized, radiant, and dewy from the inside out

Our tone-up cream deeply hydrates the skin, providing long-lasting moisture and improving the skin's ability to retain hydration.

Antioxidant Protection

Houttuynia Cordata is rich in antioxidants, which offer protection against environmental stressors and free radicals. This helps to minimize damage caused by oxidative stress and supports a more youthful and healthy-looking complexion.


The formulation leaves a moisturizing, non-sticky finish. Instead of applying too much to your face at once, layer small amounts and let it absorb.

  • Moisturizing

  • Stickiness

  • Applies

Our tone-up cream has a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy residue. It is comfortable to wear throughout the day, providing a smooth and velvety finish.

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