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Houttuynia Cordata

90 Calming Toner 요약정보 및 구매

Houttuynia Cordata Toner is a valuable addition to your skincare routine, offering multiple benefits for a healthier, clearer, and more radiant complexion.


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판매가격 ₩32,000
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90 Calming Toner

Just Skin

Safe + Safe

Just Skin only usese ingredients
that are safe for skin


Uses only non-acidic,
EWG Green-rated

All harmful ingredients, allergens, artificial colors,
and artificial flavors have been removed.

Efficacy of
Houttuynia Cordata

Houttuynia Cordata has hydrating properties that can help improve the skin's moisture retention abilities. It may assist in replenishing and maintaining optimal hydration levels, leading to softer, smoother, and plumper skin.

Due to its soothing and calming effects, Houttuynia Cordata may provide relief for sensitive, irritated, or inflamed skin conditions. It can help alleviate discomfort and promote a more balanced and comfortable complexion.

Product Features

Essence toner
for highly
total care

Soothe, moisturize, brighten, and firm all at once. Calming Toner has been enhanced its moisturizing and brightening properties while maintaining its main function of soothing.

Contains 90% of the extract of Houttuynia Cordata and
0% of purified water. Instead of purified water, it's packed with
90% Houttuynia Cordata extract from Korea.

JUS Solutions

After washing your face,
don't reapply water

Just Skin's Calming Toner is a water-based, non-acidic toner containing 90% Houttuynia Cordata extract from Korea, without refined water, and is not just a toner, but a highly concentrated essence toner that can quickly soothe, whiten, moisturize, and firm skin sensitive to external stimuli all at once.

  • Why does the sediment float?

    Instead of purified water, this product contains a large amount of highly concentrated Houttouynia Cordata extract, which is not removed by artificial or chemical methods and may cause fine sedimentation due to temperature. However, there is no abnormality in the product, so you can use it with confidence.

  • Can it be used by pregnant women or infants?

    While just skin's Calming toner is made with safe, EWG Green-rated ingredients, we recommend that pregnant women and children with sensitive skin consult a doctor or do a skin test before use.

  • Why is toner light in color when it contains 90% Houttouynia Cordata extract?

    There are many factors that determine the color of an extract, and even from the same manufacturer, products can vary in color based on production and processing dates. Depending on the process of prodcuts will determine the color such as clear, off-white, brown, etc. Most cosmetic ingredients are chemically treated to artificially remove color and fragrance, but our JUS calming toner is made with natural color and fragrance.

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